Sunday, December 27, 2009

The email that saved Christmas for me

Christmas was almost ruined for me because of Jack in the Box!! While on our way home after visiting family for Christmas Eve the kids said they were hungry which was of no surprise to me because they were playing all night with their cousins so the only place I could find that was open was Jack in the Box. They ordered chicken sandwiches and I had a burger. Well I ended up with food poisoning and the kids were fine, thankfully. So while I was laying in pain my cell phone flashed telling me I had received an email. That email was from my IM and its one of the sweetest and most wonderful emails I have ever gotten. It came at the right time too :) I am only going to post a part of it, a part that touched me deeply:
We just spread Paz's remains last Sunday. We ended up leaving her in the Bay close to where we keep our boat in Brisbane. That way we can pass the spot every time we go out. Also, all you need to do is to look at the Bay to see her. By the way, last Sunday I went to church before leaving the house with Paz. Interestingly, the scripture was about Mary visiting her sister Elizabeth, and husband Zachariah. Mary was 14 and pregnant and Elizabeth was older and pregnant. As the story goes, when Elizabeth sees Mary pregnant, she yells out with joy. At that moment the baby Jesus leaps into Marys belly. Elizabeth goes on to say how much she can't believe that Mary is going to deliver her saviour and God. As I was sitting there, listening, of course I thought about you immediately and realized that there was a reason why I went to church that day. I think its been about 6 months since I've gone. In any case, what I got out of the story was just how connected Mary and Elizabeth were and how important personal connections are. Although we don't talk as much as we used to, I really appreciate our connection and your connection to Paz. Thank you again for your tremendous love and dedication to her.
I've also added a few pics from Christmas :)

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