Thursday, December 17, 2009

Emotional wreck today

Today started out so well or so I thought. My emotions keep getting the best of me and for no reason what so ever I will just burst out in tears. A big part of it is the card that I got for my IM's today. It is so hard to put my thoughts into words expressing how I feel. This is what the card says:

Too often we forget
to count our blessings
until December rolls around,
and the Christmas spirit
finds us and reminds us
of how good life is,
how fortunate we've been.

I hope the holidays bring
generous feelings,
good memories,
time spent with
the ones you love......
All the best reminders
of the dreams, hopes,
wonder, and beauty of life.

This is what I wrote:

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the journey we had. Though we did not get the ending we dreamed of I will always remember you, L and S but especially Paz. She grew under my heart for five short months but her memory has been imprinted in my heart forever.
Thank you for everything


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